A Piece of Dungeons & Dragons History - Converse Chuck 70

Megan Oosthuizen

The table-top role-playing phenomenon Dungeons & Dragons has been around for ages. This role-playing system is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a Converse Chuck 70 capsule collection.

With an impressive collection of tournaments, events and conventions planned for this year, the cherry on the cake is a stunning Converse Chuck 70 capsule collection.

Dungeons & Dragons

A number of designs will be launching as part of the official collection of limited edition footwear, all of which are gorgeously covered in references to the iconic game over its 50-year career.

From images of the 20-sided dice that have become the game's emblem to creatures like dragons and beholders, the sneakers are covered from toe to collar in D&D imagery.

The red and white pair features a black spine that leads down to the sole unit where the typical rubber converse label on the back of the shoe has been replaced by Dungeons & Dragons.

Each pair is covered in images from the official rulebook's first-edition illustrations, from races and classes to images of scenes that can take place within the game.

Another pair is black and green, seemingly inspired by the darker side of the game.  It features images of necromancers, liches, and a rogue-like goblin on the side above the Dungeons & Dragons type.

The tongue of every pair has been modified to display the beloved D&D logo of a dragon taking over the & symbol. 

Follow the link below to find out more about the Dungeons & Dragons Converse Chuck 70 capsule collection.