Converse Sponge Crater CX Review  - The New Yeezy?

Like Star War’s Jedi boots, Crocs and Kanye West’s Yeezys had a baby.

Over recent years, however, the brand has ventured into more experimental looks. And nowhere is that more evident than with the Converse Sponge Crater CX.

The unisex slip-on sneaker that looks like something out of a  sci-fi future.

There was considerable thought put into the tech of the Sponge Crater CX too.

Described as “out-of-the-box” pair of kicks, the Sponge Crater CX completely disrupts any preconceived ideas sneakerheads had about Converse.

The funky, avant-garde design comes from A-Cold-Wall* designer Samuel Ross, the highly successful British product and fashion designer.

So, it looks nice and different, but does the speckled grey exoskeleton-looking sneaker (approximately 95% recycled) have the tech to back up its futuristic look?

Converse has clearly benefited from being acquired by Nike in 2003 – especially since there are similarities here to Nike’s “Space Hippie” line.

The rubber overlay is light and the sock-like interior hugs your foot tightly as you walk or run.

The Sponge Crater CX is the first of its kind, at least for the Converse brand.

If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that will definitely stand out from your collection, this is it.