Adidas Might Burn Over $500 Million Worth Of Yeezy Merchandise

The concept of burning so many sneakers is a painful thought, let alone completely bad for the environment.

Adidas could face a loss of more than $500 million due to the backlog of Yeezy inventory they still have.

A few months ago, the brand decided that wouldn’t continue selling Yeezy products because of the antisemitic statements that brand collaborator Kanye West (Ye) was reported to have said.

The brand warned investors that they could take a loss in revenue at nearly $1.3 billion due to the issue. adidas is considering that their only option is to burn the Yeezy sneakers.

adidas Might Burn The Yeezy Sneakers

adidas execs are at a loss for what to do with the $300-$500m worth of Yeezy sneakers they have backlogged that aren’t selling.

Other Possible Options

Although this path of a blazing fire is what adidas is considering, they have been advised to take different courses of action.

The 1st option is to rebrand the sneakers, selling them for a discounted price.

Luckily, they have one safe option - they could still write off and supply to discount stores or donate to charities.

Wedbush analyst Tom Nikic said, “It could backfire from a PR perspective. It would still look like they were profiting [from] a collaboration with someone who made blatant antisemitic statements.”

What do you think is the best course of action? Should adidas burn the Yeezy sneakers?