adidas X Ivy Park Park Trail Collection

This month marks the 3rd anniversary of the adidas collaboration with Beyoncé - celebrating with the Park Trail collection

The adidas X Ivy Park brings with it the new Park Trail collection, a new rule-breaking and trail-blazing expression of performance wear.

As the name of the collection suggests, the collection was inspired by the outdoors. It infuses this with the spirit of the streets and ushers in the possibilities of the future.

Although it brings in new designs and themes, it still offers that classic Ivy Park aesthetic. This includes an inclusive range of pieces with gender-neutral sizing and fashion styles.

It’s all about reaching your destination and exploration. Whether you’re scaling your next summit or training for the next event, you can explore inward to reach that peaceful state of mind.

The collection is split into apparel, footwear and accessories, inspiring you to embark on your own journey. Whether for your training goals or out and about, it brings with it a glamourous appeal.

For the footwear collection, it takes its cues from the adidas archives. The signature piece from this collection is the IVP Top Ten 2000 (also known as the TT2000).

It is based on adidas basketball sneakers from the 80s and refreshed in a modern debut sneaker, in two colourways, featuring modern textures and inclusive prints and graphic accents.

Step out in style with the adidas X Ivy Park Trail collection from 9 February 2023 - available online as well as adidas Originals concept stores.