Air Force 1 Sneakers For Amazing Artists

By: Caryn Ganess

It's time Nike released an actual East Coast vs. West Coast pack. Anyone ready for a revamp of the Tupac and Biggie Nike sneakers?

Let's rewind to the '90s. At this time, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. were hip-hop's brightest stars, using music as their canvas.

Nike commemorated these late hip-hop icons and a defining era of music through a dual sneaker drop, but it's time that we saw an updated pair.

Well-known sneaker artist Marty of @drksidegraphic fame decided that it's about time that these amazing artists with an updated pack of Nike Air Force Sneakers.

Tupac's signature bandana and denim style completely transforms the Nike AF1. The look is further elevated by the clever additional of a brown leather Swoosh bearing a diamond accessory.

Biggie Smalls inspired another pair of sneakers, drawing from the rapper's iconic Coogi sweaters for inspiration.

Another pair of gorgeous sneakers were released back in 2023 as a commemoration of Hip Hop's 50th anniversary.

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