All The Best Sneakers Of The 90s That Need A Re-Release In 2024

Jarrod Saunders

The 90s was an era of style, attitude, and unforgettable fashion trends, from grunge to hip-hop. Here are all the best Sneakers of that era that need a re-release in 2024.

As one of the sport's most recognisable and influential basketball players of all time, it should come as no surprise that Magic Johnson's sneakers are at the top of the list.

Magic Johnson's Converse "Triple Double"

Known as All-Star Rodman, these sneakers pay tribute the flamboyant and influential player with their unique design that speaks to Rodman's own eccentricity.

Dennis Rodman's Converse All Star 91

Straightforward and striking, these sneakers were once sported by stars like Kobe Bryant and Antoine Walker.

adidas Violation

The adidas EQT Dominion Mids were released around 1997-1998 and still stand as iconic basketball shoes.

adidas Dominion

Boasting impressive colour blocking and a striking appearance, these sneakers weren't worn by any star players but are loved worldwide nevertheless.

Reebok Ice Pick

One of Shawn Kemp's final signature shoes, these sneakers stood out with its revolutionary design in the 90s.

Reebok The Shroud

Sleek, stylish, designed to stand out, this is one of Allen Iverson's signature models.

Reebok Answer 3

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