Bowser Inspires Design for Custom Nike Dunk Lows

Check out the Amazing Super Mario Bros. Bowser Nike Dunk Lows

We have seen the Super Mario Bros-inspired custom Nike Dunk Lows, with their magnificent colours, patterns, and textures inspired by various elements from the movie and the games.

However, everyone always forgets about Bowser! He only had a tiny portion of representation on the sneakers. He is technically the villain behind most Super Mario games and the movie

Unlike the custom sneakers by Andrew Chiou, these Bowser-inspired sneakers are, sadly, entirely fictional, as we created the design for them using AI.

The sneakers have all of Bowser’s signature colours - the yellow of his body on the midsole and the Nike Swoosh, the green of his head and shell for the upper, which features a ton of Bowser motifs.

The orangey-red of his hair and eyebrows are represented on the laces, the lace stays and toe cap of the left sneaker, with red for the heel tabs, the lace stays of the right sneaker.

The amount of detail in the design of these sneakers would make sneakerheads and Super Mario fans wish that they were real.

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AI has become a magnificent and sophisticated tool for making this happen. Although it doesn’t produce a physical pair of sneakers for you, it does bring your ideas to life.

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