Another Gorgeous Sneaker From Nina Chanel Abney - Air Jordan 3

Megan Oosthuizen

After months of weiting, the gorgeous Nina Chanel Abney x Air Jordan 3 sneakers are almost here, and are proudly green and glorious.

Chicago-born artist and designer Nina Chanel Abney has been teasing working with Nike again for a while, and we are pleased to announce that the collaboration has finally become a reality.

The gorgeous Nina Chanel Abney x Nike Jordan 3 will likely drop in a couple of months.

Nina Chanel Abney is up to her usual tricks, taking an already gorgeous silhouette and elevating it with her signature style.

From the images that have been shared around the internet in recent months, the sneakers are gorgeous. They are bound to be a sellout when they eventually hit stores.

Starting at the bottom, the sneakers sport a gorgeous Fossil - creamy bone shade - on their sole unit, which is notably all one colour as opposed to many Air Jordan 3 sneakers.

The branding on the back of the sneakers looks more raised than usual and matches the shade of the suede throughout the sneaker because it is a stunning chenille material.

Follow the link below to find out more about the Nina Chanel Abney x Air Jordan 3 sneakers.