MSCHF is at it again, with some Toon Force magic, with their massive and cartoonishly proportioned Big Red Boots. Check out the new trend.

Big Red Boots Cartoony Sneakers Might Be The Next Big Thing

If you have ever wanted to be a part of mixed media cartoons like Who Framed Roger Rabbit you need these big red boots.

They have a relatively simple in design, as they are made up of a TPU rubber shell and an EVA sole unit.

If you have ever wanted to look like a cartoon stepping into the real world, these large and oddly proportioned shoes are the ones for you.

hey are almost mind-bending, and your brain wants to think that the campaign images have been photoshopped to make the model look like she is wearing shoes out of a cartoon. But it’s real.

AThey are fantastic and weird, and they don’t really make sense. And they are definitely a big statement.

Big Red Boots will retail at $350 (R6,279), and you will be able to find them on on 16 February 2023.

If you are a big fan of weird and beautiful things with a very niche purpose, this may be the place for you.

MSCHF Big Red Boots have been compared to what Astro Boy would wear. If you want to look like you are one step closer to being in the world of Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit, don’t sleep on these.