Honouring Gianna Gigi With The Nike Kobe 8 Protro "Mambacita"

Tafadzwa Njovana

Nike is set to release another installment in their series honouring Gianna "Gigi" Bryant with the upcoming Nike Kobe 8 Protro "Mambacita".

This special edition sneaker celebrates Gigi's legacy while showcasing a unique design inspired by her spirit. The sneakers are expected to release in May this year.

Apart from its unique and aesthetically pleasing look, it pulls at the heartstrings too because it'll be yet another way for to remember Gigi Bryant and, by extension, her superstar farther, Kobe.

Remembering Gigi Bryant

Many around the world collectively mourned Kobe Bryant's tragic passing in January 2020. Alongside the grief we felt because we'd lost a sports legend, we also ached deeply for his daughter, Gianna, affectionately known as Gigi.

Her death resonated so much because, in that moment, she wasn't just Kobe's child; she embodied so much that inspired us. She was a young talent passionate about basketball, inheriting her father's "Mamba Mentality."

This colourway takes a simple yet powerful approach, taking on a classic black and white palette as a tribute to Gigi. It features a striking butterfly motif on the white engineered mesh upper.

Though nothing official has been said about the significance of the butterflies, we'll assume it's either a symbolic reference to something Gigi loved or a metaphor for the potential and transformation that was tragically cut short.

Follow the link below to read more about the Nike Kobe 8 Protro "Mambacita" that is a gorgeous tribute to Gigi Bryant.

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