Luigi-Themed Nike Air Force 1 Low AI Concept Sneaker is Beautiful

We wish they were real, but unfortunately they are AI-generated.

Many have shown their appreciation for The Super Mario Bros. Movie in different ways, whether that be creating interesting fan art, or customising clothing to match their favourite characters.

Luigi, the more timid yet better-loved of the two brothers. The customised Luigi-Themed Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneaker brilliantly capture the essence of the character.

They wouldn’t be Luigi-themed shoes if they weren’t primarily green, so many of the main panels are a very bright green that matches the iconic character’s shirt and cap.

While the front panel of the shoe is just a light plain green, the other green panels have additional design details.

The shoe is designed after a Mario level and features many key elements from the game, including warp pipes and the iconic pixelated clouds.

The outlining front panel is dark green and features a warp pipe alongside three gold coins. The back panel of the shoe is the largest and has the same green as the outlining front panel.

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AI has become a magnificent and sophisticated tool for making this happen. Although it doesn’t produce a physical pair of sneakers for you, it does bring your ideas to life.

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