Introducing the Michael Jordan Collection from Adidas?

It nearly happened!

The Nike Air Jordan is widely considered one of the most influential sneaker brands ever. Additionally, it can also lay claim to being the top-selling sneaker of all time.

One contributing factor to the success of Jordan was its association with basketball legend Michael Jordan, who famously wore the brand on the court. But it almost never happened.

Jordan recently disclosed that during his youth, he was actually a fan of adidas and had hoped to secure a sponsorship deal with the brand.

According to a recent documentary, it was Michael's mother who persuaded him to visit Nike's headquarters, despite his continued optimism that adidas might eventually offer him a deal.

The question remains: what would the sneaker world have looked like had Michael Jordan signed with adidas instead?

Eric Paullin has provided some fascinating insights by reimagining some of Jordan's most iconic sneakers as adidas versions, with stunning results.