Nike Air Max 1 Slides For 2023

2023 will be a good year for Nike. We already have a long list of Air Jordan sneakers to look forward to this year

Not only will we be getting some exciting announcements of limited-edition Nike Air Max sneakers at this year’s Air Max Day event, but a couple of other slides included.

Nike has announced that they will release a pair of slides modelling the Tinker Hatfield-design icon that first launched in 1987

It looks like the slides will be released in two familiar colourways, calling back to the “Sports Red” and the “White/Black” colourways, but with a more modern twist.

Most of the original shoe is removed to fit the design of the slides, including majority of the upper

As slides, many of the original sneaker’s features had to be removed, including most of the upper, excluding parts of the toe box and the mid-panel that could fit onto the slides.

Luckily, most of the midsole survived the transformation. It is slightly modified to fit the design of the light footwear better and not look like it was ripped off a pair of sneakers.

Unfortunately, only a little bit of the Swoosh managed to survive on the sides of the mid-panel. But a full Swoosh Logo isn’t missed on the rest of the slides, as it is front and centre on the label.

The Sports Red variant of the slides features some sail/grey accents, with most of the shoe being bright red, with a bit of White to break up the red.

The White/Black variant features the same pattern of colour and contrast, with the same sail/grey accent