Instagram user, @AI_ClothingDaily, has created new AI concept artwork, bringing us the Nike x Balmain Rococò collection.

Nike x Balmain Rococò AI Concepts AI or Ayayay?

With the recent advances in AI and the direction we are headed, we might be fast approaching the fated Skynet takeover.

Instagram account @AI_ClothingDaily brings us these fresh and frosty floral designs as part of its concept Nike x Balmain Rococò collection.

This imaginative concept collection was created using AI. It reimagines some of Nike’s famous silhouettes to stunning effect.

Taking inspiration from silhouettes such as the Nike Air Force 1, Airmax 97 and Vapourmax, the designs are rather extravagant.

The black Air Force 1 is probably the one I would most readily get myself. The rest of the Nike x Balmain Rococò collection does more to activate my sweet tooth.

There have been many Nike concept collaborations over the years. Morever, many of them have caught the eye and sparked the imagination.

One of my favourite concept collections is Michele Toressi’s Nike x Gucci AI + Photoshop concept. Now, the Nike x Balmain concept has put it’s hand up to be counted in those celebrated ranks.

Overall, the collection is a fantastically fresh offering. It'll most likely had not been on many people’s radar before this, but it will have created an eager following and excitement for next.