Nike's Sustainable Air Jordan 1 Low For Kids

Nike has been making moves on  sustainability. This has never been more apparent than their new, sustainable Nike Air Jordan 1 Low for kids.

These adorable sneakers have many of the trademark features of the Air Jordan 1 but with some fantastic twists from their sustainability movement.

These shoes don't sport the typical pinwheel logo made of circling Swoosh symbols that signifies Nike's Sustainability movement

The outsoles show the obvious signs of being part of the sustainability movement, with the flecks of different colours that make up the Grind Rubber

The flecks are also seen in the translucent TPU material in the Swoosh on the upper of the sneaker, as well as on the midsole.

Grind Rubber is the result of recycled materials being injected into the production process of the material

The recycled material is made up of the scraps of material that are left on the factory floor, and ground down to a meal of sorts to be used for future products

The shoe is mostly dominated by a bright laser orange/yellow, combined with a healthy bit of white on the midsole, toe box, laces and the rest of the shoe's upper

The interior lining and accents are a soft tint of light emerald-minty colour, also matching the mostly translucent blue of the Swoosh

While devoid of the pinwheel, the insole does sport the signature Jumpman, emblazoned against lime green.