Most Popular & Best Retro Jordan Sneakers

If you are curious as to which are the best retro Jordan sneakers in the line of releases so far, then read ahead to find out:

The Nike Jordan brand has been making stylish, good-quality sneakers for decades. Inspired by Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time according to the NBA.

The first Air Jordan sneaker was released in 1985, inspired by the greatest basketball player of all time, according to the NBA, Michael Jordan.

We have compiled a list of the 26 of the best retro Jordan Sneakers throughout the years, ranked from worst to best.

Air Jordan Retro XII (12) Rising Sun

Released in 2009

Japanese flag-inspire all white design with subtle red hints representing the rising sun.



Air Jordan Retro XII (12) Nubuck

Released in 2009

Also Japanese flag-inspired, but with a unique black and California blue colourway


Air Jordan Retro XII (13) Altitude

Released in 2017

Inspired by Michael Jordan's 'Black Cat' alter ego, these sneakers feature faux stingray leather and a holographic logo.


Air Jordan Retro I (1) White/Grand Purple

Released in 2009

Unique white leather base with purple accents and a rubber sole never made it to the U.S.


Air Jordan Retro IV (4) Black Cat

This monochromatic silhouette was also inspired by Michael Jordan's alter ego


Air Jordan Retro IV (4) Eminem

Made specifically for Eminem and his closest friends and family, and never sold in-store.


Air Jordan Retro IV (4) Rare Air Laser

Very popular for its tonal laser-etched design, with semi-translucent eyelets and a woven tongue

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