PUMA Fast Green Reinvents the Golf Club Uniform

Furthering its 2023 momentum the brand released the PUMA Fast Green collection.

We’ve already seen PUMA changing up the game in 2023 with the release of the Thrifted Pack and Archive Remastered collections.

The all-new PUMA Fast Green concept forms part of the MMQ (Machts Mit Qualität) range. It reinterprets what we perceive as traditional golf club uniforms.

In doing so, it features a mix of premium materials and elevated craftsmanship. Furthermore, it has a laid-back, contemporary style, allowing you to move from the golf club to the nightclub.

The range features the classic golf aesthetic and is given a stylised subversion with a fresh, minimalistic look.

t has a mix of footwear, apparel and accessories as part of the collection, designed for the new generation of players.

As such, it includes the embroidered Harrington jackets as its signature piece, along with the Clyde, Slipstream and Prevail sneakers.

These sneakers, from the PUMA archives, are refreshed with modern elements along fairway colour updates in vine-green and off-white.

The leather is sourced from environmentally responsible manufacturing which has been audited and certified via the Leather Working Group protocol.