PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Maximise Your Stability

PUMA has announced the release of the new PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO.

Following the release of the PUMA Deviate NITRO 2 Electrocharged last week, the brand has further expanded its NITRO range.

The ForeverRUN NITRO heralds a new era of stability for the NITRO range. It encourages an optimal running stride for the everyday runner, no matter your experience.

It achieves this through a fusion of the NITRO foam, which provides the ultimate cushioning, and the RUNGUIDE system, providing enhanced guidance.

With its newest footwear innovation, PUMA created a shoe that appeals to runners who traditionally wear both neutral and stability products.

With each runner having a different style, the design team aimed to create a running shoe that works for everyone.

As such, the ForeverRUN technologies were tested in the lab and reaffirmed in the wild. The programme included 196 runners that put the ForeverRUN technology through its paces.

Results from the study confirmed that the ForeverRUN technology was more stable while also helping reduce pronation velocity and reducing the peak tibial shock/acceleration.

With the partnership with Kaiser Sport & Ortopædi, PUMA produced a shoe that was designed, created, moulded and grinded with digitalized perfection.