PUMA FUTURE 1.4 Fearless Review Be Fearless in Everything

The FUTURE 1.4 ahead of the FIFA World Cup, as part of the PUMA Fearless Pack

As with many of the football boots available on the market today, the PUMA FUTURE 1.4 Fearless features a bold burst of colour.

There are two portions to the upper. This is split between the sock-like FuzionFit+ and the PWRPRINT technologies.

It may just seem like an exaggerated finish to draw you in with bold colours, but there’s so much more to the FUTURE 1.4 Fearless’ design than meets the eye.

What’s really great about the PUMA FUTURE 1.4 Fearless is that it provides support and comfort in almost all aspects of its build.

The level of comfort is great overall. Whether you’re walking around or really going at it across the field, you never feel any discomfort that will affect your performance. It just feels great.

It offers great quality through its materials. PUMA uses the best in quality materials for its manufacturing process while adding a mix of recycled fabrics.

There’s no doubting the performance of these football boots. They work great and offer control and balance you don’t get on many boots.

Is it worth getting a pair of PUMA FUTURE 1.4 Fearless? Yes. It is a great addition to the PUMA Football lineup.