PUMA Plexus Breaking New Ground with Design Language

The PUMA Plexus has broken ground in 2023 on the design language, giving designers a platform to envision the future.

PUMA has been pushing the boundaries of design. With the likes of the PUMA FUTROGRADE leading the way, the brand has also expanded this philosophy into 2023.

The first of these is the newly created PUMA Plexus – a new interpretation of design, fusing sport and style.

The PUMA Plexus has embraced the concept of what it means to be a future classic, expanding on the classic Mostro sneaker.

The Mostro has been redesigned with futuristic touches and an updated Eggnog and Elektro Green colourway. It was designed for the brave and confident.

"Given the initial design direction of creating a ‘future classic,’ I tried to position our archival PUMA Mostro as a new classic for the future.”

As a result, the 2023 Plexus propels the design ethos for PUMA into the future with innovative and explorative features.

In celebration of the PUMA Plexus, the brand has also launched its Plexus Playground initiative. It has partnered with digital creatives,

Forty-Two-And-A-Half, to feature some fashion-forward artists to rework the Plexus into an even more futuristic design.

18 artists were selected from their network to transform the Plexus. This was achieved through various means, including physical creatives and even 3D model rendering.

The newly created initiative is a drive to inspire future design philosophies and draw on inspiration from the next generation of young fashion designers.