PUMA Thrifted Pack Inspired by Thrift Shop Fashion

PUMA is back with another collection, partnering with Dua Lipa for the release of the Thrifted Pack, inspired by thrift shop fashion.

PUMA has been setting the pace with a number of releases in 2023 already. The German brand is back again with another fresh drop, this time inspired by thrift shop fashion.

The PUMA Thrifted Pack brings with it a mix of footwear designed for women. The collection of sneakers feature a unique style.

This includes light cracked leathers, along with premium materials. Futher to this, it features yellow midsoles for a faded, to give it that vintage feel.

The PUMA Thrifted collection is quite extensive, featuring six different sneaker styles that will reach South African shores.

dditionally, it includes a mix of classic and modern styles to cater to every taste. This includes the Suede Mayu, Mayze, Cali Dream, RS-X, Slipstream as well as the Slipstream Hi.

With such a wide of sneakers to choose from, it allows you to get creative with your fashion choices.

As a result, it resembles the options and styles you’ll associate with thrift stores across the country, picking and choosing the different elements for that perfect fit.

PUMA has once again partnered with musician, Dua Lipa to launch the Thrift Pack. She models the Mayze and Slipstream sneakers as part of the campaign.