PUMA x Staple Release 2 Continues Gidra Theme

Following the 1st drop earlier this month, PUMA X Staple continues with a 2nd drop.

At the beginning of March, PUMA announced its latest collaboration with Staple. The release featured a new Gidra theme collection of apparel, sneakers and accessories.

Following the successful release, the duo has partnered again for the 2nd drop this month. The PUMA x Staple collection 2 continues the Gidra theme across the range.

The collection was inspired Gidra. It is an Asian-American, student-run newspaper, which was created in response to anti-Asian attitudes in the late 60s.

Each item within the collection is a reflection of the artwork and style from the original publication.

Having released over 50 years ago, the design elements reference the Godzilla-inspired themes. The King Terror Pack is the official title for drop 2.

Within the second collection, there are three sneakers as part of the release. This includes two PUMA Suede snearkers, as well as the Slipstream, which was also featured in the first drop.

An interesting concept on the sneakers is the friends-and-family Suede. This features a peel-away upper, which reveales clippings and illustration from the Gidra newspaper throughout the years.

The PUMA x Staple drop 2 will be available online at PUMA.com. Additionally, the collection will also be available in stores including PUMA retail stores, Shelflife and Archive.