Red Wing Is Bringing Mario’s Shoes To Reality

Introducing Super Mario’s shoes / sneakers (whatever these are).

More shoe companies are bringing cartoon shoes and sneakers out of the make-believe realities of our childhood and into real life for us to enjoy. First, we saw MSCHF’s unforgettable Big Red Boot.

Now Red Wing has brought the shoes of one of the most iconic plumbers of our childhood to life - Nintendo's Super Mario.

Leading up to the release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo and Illumination have revealed that they have been working with Red Wing heritage footwear to bring Mario’s shoes to life

Red Wing’s shoes are a prototype of Mario’s iconic footwear with 3-eyes for laces and are made of durable, natural leather. The boots aren’t just for looks and have resilient, slip-resistant treads.

An interesting added detail is the fabric and heel tabs that adorn the shoes. They are made of mushroom-based mycelium, a perfect nod to the power-ups that “help Mario take on Bowser and his army.”

The prototype arrived at Nintendo New York at Rockefeller Centre. It will be on display throughout April, leading up to the film release on 5 April 2023.

These shoes were magical and had a magical delivery to the Nintendo display via a Super Mario Bros. Plumber Van.

You can’t deny that Nintendo, Illumination, and Red Wing Shoes know how to hype up their audience for the upcoming movie.