Warner Bros. teams up with Reebok to bring us this ultimate clash of good and evil.

Reebok x DC Comics Good vs Evil - Pick a Side

There’s no better place to kick it off than arguably the most iconic Superhero in the DC-verse and the entire comic book superhero world. Superman is an institution.

An all-around fantastic offering from Reebok and Warner Bros. is topped off with an awesome set of t-shirts and hoodies that either complete the set or work great as stand-alone pieces.

Shaq x Superman is a match made in fandom heaven. It pays homage to the Man of Steel’s x-ray vision, red, blue and yellow accents in a nod to the classic costume and the icy soles.

From the reflective Bat symbol on the tongue to the foam moulded synthetics and battle-ready distressed armour on the uppers, the LX220 accurately embodies the batsuit and even the batmobile.

The Nano X2 is adorned in the fabled Wonder Woman armour. The upper integrates reflective light, creating an effect reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s deflective bracelets.

The somewhat adorable, sometimes gullible and always extremely chaotic Harley Quinn gives us perhaps the most unique sneaker of the collection.

“Never be caught dead without kryptonite.” I feel like this should be Lex’s motto and it’s caught perfectly in the Workout Plus’ glowing outsoles.

The Joker Club C 85 is perhaps my favourite of the lot with the classic Joker purple, the tear-away upper fabrics representing the Joker’s multi-layered personality and the legendary laughter plastered all over the inners.