Reebok x Street Fighter Hadouken!

Reebok has partnered with Konami for the Reebok x Street Fighter collection.

Most recently there have been a few that have caught the eye. From the Reebok x Looney Tunes, Reebok x Ghostbusters and Reebok x Cardi B collections

As part of the celebration of its 30th anniversary, the duo are bringing a classic video game to life – Street Fighter! As a result, there are nine unique silhouettes in the collection.

Reebok has taken some classic silhouettes we are all mostly familiar with and reimagined them in Konami Street Fighter style to great success.

Having debuted last month, this latest Reebok collaboration has not disappointed. It ranks up there with some of top collaborations of 2022 – a great way to close out the year.

The first of the sneakers are the Street Fighter Classic Slide and Street Fighter Nano X2. These showcase general Street Fighter theme and tips its hat to the game’s classic training screen

The classic Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is showcased on the Street Fighter Shaq Attaq sneaker.

Additionally to the sneaker collection, the Reebok x Street Fighter range also includes a mix of apparel and accessories. This includes hoodies, tees, shorts and bags.

No matter what your preference, the Reebok x Street Fighter range is broad and diverse enough to cover a wide array of tastes and styles.