Retail vs Secondhand: Are Pre-Owned Air Jordans Worth It?

Tafadzwa Njovana

Air Jordans have always, and will always hold a special place in the hearts of sneakerheads. When markets rise, what happens when the sneaker game becomes too expensive? Pre-owned sneakers are an option, but how viable is that really?

Trends come and go, develop and fall, all around the world, and Air Jordan sneakers have always been at the heart of the sneaker community.

While limited release sneakers and resale markets have always been a part of the marketing loop of Air Jordans, but when Covid-19 struck, everyone flooded the markets.

Growing to a new height in popularity during the pandemic, the resale market increased by more than $2 billion in just two years.

Now that it's 2024 and things seem to have somewhat recovered after the madness that was the pandemic, we still need to be practical and mindful about how we, as consumers, spend our money.

Brand-new sneakers are always fun, but what are the reasons to grab them pre-owned?

Why Buy Pre-Owned Air Jordans?

True sneakerheads and collectors both appreciate and respect their sneakers, so even getting them pre-owned means you still get a beautiful and valuable pair of Jordans.

Value for Money

Sneaker lovers need assurance that what they are getting is a genuine article, especially with the amount of knockoffs you can find these days. Pre-owned means you know they are genuine.

Genuine articles

In a world where mass manufacturing is rampant, what better way to contribute to sustainability than to grab some pre-owned sneakers that need a new home, instead of contributing to more waste?


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