Super Mario Bros. Fever Continues with Yoshi Concept

Super Mario inspired sneakers have become really popular, only helped by these Yoshi-inspired Nike Dunk Lows.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie brought in many iconic characters, but the one we didn’t get to see was Yoshi.

Andrew Chiou, who has become popular for customising shoes, specifically Nike Dunk Lows, rode that wave of excitement and decided to design a pair of shoes after Yoshi.

The sneakers are almost entirely green. Most of the panels and the inside of the shoe are painted the same bright green the character has become best known for.

The front and back outside panels and tongue of the shoe are the same white as Yoshi’s torso and chin. And the laces are a lighter brown.

The smallest panel on the back of the shoes and the Nike symbol running along the outside of the shoe are the same colour as Yoshi’s shell: red with an outline of white.

The middle panel housing the beginning of the Nike logo is bordered by three little red bumps, which are reminiscent of the little plates on the back of Yoshi’s head.

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AI has become a magnificent and sophisticated tool for making this happen. Although it doesn’t produce a physical pair of sneakers for you, it does bring your ideas to life.

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