The Best Sneakers To Celebrate Easter 2024

Caryn Ganess

As the mellow vibes of Easter draw near, we welcome the arrival of spring, and delight in Easter traditions. Here are the best Easter-inspired sneakers of all time.

These 2005 sneakers stole the limelight with its patent leather aesthetic giving pure Easter egg vibes.

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Easter" (2005 & 2017)

Kobe Bryant's signature footwear collection always finds a way to celebrate holidays, and Easter is no different, with several editions inspired by the holiday, but the Kobe 9 EM is definitely special.

Nike Kobe 9 EM "Easter" (2014)

These sneakers were associated with the 23rd anniversary of the blockbuster Space Jam, but launched on Easter weekend, making them a perfect Easter-inspired pair.

Air Jordan 1 Mid "Hare" (2015)

Nike has a knack for timing their Easter drops either right on time or a wee bit late. Yet, we can't seem to resist the lure of their annual colourful Easter-inspired designs.

Air Jordan 5 Retro "Easter" (2022)

Launched right on the cusp of Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, these understated sneakers are a perfect choice for Easter celebrations.

Air Jordan 12 Retro Low "Easter" (2021)

This pair may not have been launched specifically for Easter, but its charming milk chocolate overlays, soft beige velvet accents and playful hints of blue and pink make it an obvious Easter choice.

Social Status X Nike Dunk Mid "Chocolate Milk" (2021)

This version of the Air Force 1 brought back the pastel colours and patent leather trend seen in 2005 in a whole new way that was even more of a hit than before.

Nike Air Force 1 "Easter" (2006)

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