The Nike Air Jordan 1 "Outkast / Stankonia" - Genre-Defying Style

Caryn Ganess

If you're drawn to Outkast's daring, genre-defying style, prepare to be wowed by these Nike Air Jordan 1 "Outkast/Stankonia" sneakers.

The Influence Behind The Sneaker Design

 While it may not have been too long ago, the 2000s feels like an entirely different age, captured by the lifestyle and music.

Reflecting on the music of the time, we can feel nothing short of fortunate to have experienced the wealth of lyrical brilliance and musical innovation that marked the era.

Our ears were serenaded not only by legendary artists and bands who endowed that decade with their unique sounds but also by the birth and evolution of music genres and styles.

A Closer Look At The Nike Air Jordan 1 "Outkast/Stankonia" Design

A fusion of black and white takes precedence over the sneaker's design, symbolic of the album's flag.

Specifically, black and white stripes can be seen adorning the toe box, tongue, and ankle flaps, while a constellation of stars grace the toe cap and heel.

However, a splash of colour on the quarter panels and collar interrupts the shoe's monochrome theme. This detail is inspired by the album's alternative cover, which features an image of a woman.

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