These Gorgeous Tyla-Inspired Sneakers Will Leave You In Awe

Caryn Ganess

South African artist Tyla, known for her hit single "Water" has also captivated the world with her unique and bold fashion sense. Looking to follow her stylish vibe? Keep reading!

With a clear affinity for boots, you will often catch Tyla sporting a fashionable pair of sneaker boots.

The Stylish Sneaker Boot

Unique, edgy and all about that platform outsole.

Air Jordan 1 Brooklyn $165

Platform Sneaker Boots with a jagged rubber sole.

Converse Run Star Hike Platform $110

Tyla is known for embracing footwear that gives her a bit more height, from conventional high heels to platform sneakers.

Elevated Sneaker Game

Revamps the classic look of the Air Jordan 1 perfectly, with a platform sole to boot.

Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low $135

Loved for its distinctive, chunky look with stylised cutouts.

Nike Ryz 365 $90

Tyla doesn’t shy away from making waves with chunky sneakers.

Bold and Bulky Kicks

The perfect blend of bulky and futuristic.

Nocta Glide $160

Eye-catching and oozing with flair thanks to their loud, chunky silhouette and ornate upper design.

Adidas Originals Ozelia $110

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