These Nike Air Max 1 Golf Sneakers Say It All

Elevate your golf game with these stylish sneakers!

Golf isn't just an older gentlemen's sport anymore. The sport has evolved, and so has its players

Nike has noticed their evolving customer base, and its upcoming golf sneakers are a clear sign of it

Nike Air Max 1 Golf "Play To Live"

Air Max 1 ready to hit the green once again, this time with an exciting combo of neutrals and colour

"Play To Live" is definitely the slogan here, written inside the Swoosh and all over the shoe so the message is clear

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"Play To Live" and "Live To Play"

The colourway is a complementary combo of neutral white and grey and psychedelic art covering the mudguard

The same art is lining the inner of the shoe, with the words repeated so customers know exactly what's going on

Even the out sole, with its white, purple and yellow, repeat the slogan

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