These Nike Daffy Dunks Are Perfect

Caryn Ganess

Nothing beats a perfectly designed pair of black sneakers, especially when they are inspired by Looney Tunes.

Could you even imagine a childhood devoid of his wild pranks and entertaining eccentricities?

Thankfully, we don't have to. Instead, we get to enjoy a seemingly endless array of unforgettable movies and TV shows, and now these inspired Looney Tunes x Nike SB Dunk "Daffy Duck" sneakers.

In the design vision confured by @sneakeranime, the sneaker begins with a sleek leather base covered in a deep black suede.

The dark tone extends to the overlays, though here you'll find a switch to a delightfully textured canvas material.

Bright white piping sets off this largely monochromatic design, offering the perfect foil to the dominant black.

Importantly, the choice of these contrasting colours isn't random. It traces back to the white ring adorning Daffy's neck, - a motif widely seen on mallard ducks.

Follow the link below to find out more about Looney Tunes x Nike SB Dunk "Daffy Duck" sneakers.