Top 5 New Balance Sneakers of 2022

New Balance has seen a rise in popularity in the sneaker community.

The brand has created a fresh lineup of future-forward sneakers, while embracing its heritage with classic releases.

New Balance has seen a huge revival through 2022, with many celebrities also driving the brand image further. New Balance has a 116-year history, and 80+ years of creating footwear.

New Balance 2002R

The 2002R is one of the most versatile. Thanks to its beautiful aesthetic and comfy style, it has quickly become a popular sneaker for fans of the brand.

New Balance XC-72

The New Balance XC-72 is one of the more exciting releases in recent history for the brand, in Bright Mint.

New Balance M990TB2

There are quite a number of NB 990 varieties released since it’s comeback a few years ago.

New Balance BB480

he New Balance BB480 was inspired by the original 480 from its basketball heritage.

New Balance URC30BB

The New Balance URC30BB provides a unique style. Its jagged gum outsole is coupled with a lightweight, no-frills upper to create its aesthetic.

2023 and Beyond

Already it has a great release schedule for January, with new colourways such as NB990 v2 and 580 Beef and Broccoli.