Custom Homer Nike Dunks Are Perfect

Caryn Ganess

Homer Simpson, the endearing family man with an insatiable appetite for doughnuts, has graced an impressive number of sneaker designs, almost  making it hard to keep track.

Major footwear brands have found a muse in this lovable bumpkin, bringing about the release of some unforgettable sneaker creations

Nike has previously made an official pair of Nike SB Dunk Low "Homer" sneakers back in 2004.

One of our favourite designers has taken the Nike Dunk Low silhouette and  put his own Homer twist on it.

The texture on the overlays have been altered favouring leather over nubuck.

A gradient effect highlights every shade and detail of Homer's attire.

A vivid display of yellow appears through the laces, the inner lining, and the side swooshes as the bright shade takes centre stage.

Follow the link below to find out more about the gorgeous custom Homer Nike Dunks.