Gorgeous Custom LV Trainer "Virgil Was Here"

By: Megan Oosthuizen

The Chef just keeps cooking up unique sneaker designs. While we are used to seeing his Nike, Off-White and Dunk designs, his 2022 LV Trainers are just as gorgeous.

LV Trainer "Virgil Was Here"

Chef Huyle was a genius for custom crafting this pair of LV Trainer Sneakers. You can't go wrong when you start off with something fabulous already.

Louis Vuitton's Italy-made sneakers are timeless. The pair epitomises lifestyle, as it is hardly a pair that you can imagine actually wearing on the courts.

Crafted from smooth and grained calf leather, the upper takes seven hours to stitch a single pair, so you can understand where the price tag comes in.

Tasteful branding covers the sneakers, including Virgil Abloh's handwritten LV signature, which is embossed on the lateral profile of the sneakers.

Follow that, the #54 proudly displayed on the spine of the sneakers stands for 1854, the year that the influential and luxurious fashion house was first founded.

Chef Huyle's expert custom features a gorgeous sunset inspired theme, named "Virgil Was Here" as a tribute to the LV designer himself.

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