About Us – Sneaker Fortress

Welcome to Sneaker Fortress, the ultimate destination for sneakerheads and collectors. We believe that we are more than just a website; we are a community bound by a shared passion for sneakers and sneaker brands (including Jordan, Nike, adidas, PUMA, Vans, New Balance and more). From the latest sneaker releases to rare finds, concepts and customs, we’ve built a fortress that caters to every sneakerhead’s dream.

Our Mission

If you love sneakers, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to keep you up to date with the latest releases and inspire sneaker lovers with a long list of amazing selections of sneakers from across the globe that you’d want to cop and share. But it’s about more than that. It’s also about learning, connecting and telling sneaker stories, right?

But it’s also about buying and being able to get the sneakers when you want them (and not getting an L). That’s why we’ve partnered with brands like Nike, PUMA and adidas to share new releases and to send you to their platforms (where you can purchase them).

What We Offer

  • Exclusives: Sneaker Fortress boasts a collection of sneakers from all major brands and independent designers. We’re not just reporting what everyone else is. We’re finding rare gems on Instagram and creating lists of the most wanted sneakers on the planet.
  • We don’t sell, but: While Sneaker Fortress isn’t a retail store, we do share affiliate links where consumers can grab the latest sneakers. Check our Nike store, for example. It’s connected directly with Nike.com.
  • Expert insights: We’re not just copying press releases. Sneaker Fortress staff actually understand what makes a sneaker cool. Our experts analyse every release and share feedback on what makes each sneaker unique.
  • Honest reviews: The team at Sneaker Fortress believes in sharing honest opinions on sneakers we review: whether that’s positive or negative. If we don’t like it, we’re not going to tell you that we do.

Our Story

Sneaker Fortress was founded by a group of sneakerheads who envisioned a space where the excitement and culture of sneaker collecting could thrive online. It’s about art. It’s about love. It’s about sneakers.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries or to request our rate card, please email us at jar@jarrod.co.za. We typically respond within 24 hours on business days.